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Ground Mount Hybrid Solar Systems

Grid connected roof top solar is designed for urban housing.
Rural properties have different requirements.
Many rural houses have large trees around them for sun and wind protection.
In addition, power supply is not as reliable and pumping of water in bush fires may be an issue.

A typical system have 5kW of panels and a 5kW Hybrid Inverter which generates around 20kWh of power per day.
The Hybrid inverter has three modes of running. These are:
1: Grid Connected with batteries
2: Grid down, local network, 5kW, run on batteries
3: Grid connected with no batteries

The advantages of a Hybrid system are:
1: No need to backup generator
2: Simpler and cheaper system with high peak power
3: Staged investment, get solar system now with STC discount and add batteries later when they are cheaper.

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Renewable Energy
Ground Mount System. Timber or DuraGal frame.
Three common formats:
1: 20x1 Portrait (20x1.64m)
2: 5x4 Landscape (6.6x5.1m)
3: 10x2 Portrait (10.2x3.3m) .
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